2º intercambio de alumnos Hungría abril 2016

Students review on the mobility : 


Second student exchange , Hungary .  Százhalombatta, 
Students summary.
Monday 11th April.
I'm Alba García from Spain and I am to going to tell you my experince in Hungary on the first day.When I woke up I felt really great because in Spain we wake up at 7:00am and here we woke up at 8:20am.Reka lives in (Zsázhalombata) so we walked to school while we talked and saw the beautiful views of the village.The first activity was the introduction of each partner , and it wasn't very good because I felt too shy to talk to everybody there but this wasn't a problem in the college tour or the gymkana anymore.The college was smaller than our but it was cool,and the gymkana was nice too because I could talk to the Italian and know each other better.

I almost forgot to talk about the restaurant,where I thought we were going to eat pizza but we ate a soup and chicken,very nice though.

Then, we went to the Archeological Park and I get very very tired because we had to walk a lot but in the journey I meet new people so at least I had fun.The Archeological Park was so beautiful,there was a lot of gree and nature and it feels so good to see very amount of trees because in Tomelloso we don't have that much.

After that,Reka told me we were going to her friend's house, Frugi to play some xbox and just hang out so we walked to Frugi's house too,with another hungarian boy and his parther and we have fun all together.When we finished playing,we went to the supermarket because there was a Italian girl who wanted to go to change money so in the supermarket I saw some Hungarians girls and boys too and we get along with them to the main square where I saw Cristina and Jose.

Being with spanish people is so comfortable like, to help you with words and translate and we have lots of fun learning hungary words and teaching them spanish words too.

Finally, we went to Frugi's house again where we had dinner and it was sooo delicious, nutella pancakes with bananas and cacao.Reka told me a little bit later that his father was waiting so we said goodbye and went home. Alba García Pascual.

Today we have visited different places and have done some activities, we have gone to Visegrád, and after that we have gone to Szentrende, where we were doing tourism, finally we have come back to Százhalombatta and go out all together.

 This morning I woke up at 7:00am, after that I brushed my teeth, got my hair styled and put on my clothes, I had cinnamon cereals and Neskuik for breakfast.
Then his mother carry us to Százhalombatta, where we met the other students and got a bus to Visegrád, when we arrived to Visegrád about 10:00am we walked a lot to the castle and then a tourism guide show us the castle.

  Then we walked a little more to Salomon Tower where we saw in my opinion the best of the day, it was a medieval tournament, with swords, shields, bows…
After that we went to a close medieval restaurant to have lunch, we ate soup, and pork, and suddenly, when we were finishing a jester came to the hall with a guitar and sang happy birthday to our mate Alba.

  When we finished, we got the bus to Szentrende, a little town where we had free time to buy or go for a walk, it was much funny, because we have learnt some words in Hungarian and taught them some words in Spanish, we have had an ice cream, which we have ordered it in Hungarian and then we went to the river to rest in the bank, after that we all met in the square and got the bus to Számzhalombata.

  In Számzalombata we were going for a walk, we visited the church, and go to the super market to buy some sweets, and we bought another ice cream, I can´t understand what kind of problem have Hungarian people with ice creams, however it is not as bad as it could be, they could have a problem with vegetables for example.

  To finish this day, I have had something very strange to dinner, it was, chili, meat, red beans, corn and cheese, it was really good.

I think it was better than yesterday, and I hope tomorrow will be better than today, but it is too difficult, because I think today was amazing, and I bet today will be the best day in the week.

BY  Francisco Tiago Assis de Oliveira Cancho

We usually get up so early and Aletta's parents carry us to Szhazalombatta. Today, we met with some of the othersSpanish students and their hosts because we went to thesupermarket to buy some food together.
After that, we went to the school because we had somelessons: Hungarian and English lessons, but our hosts went to own lessons.
In the first lesson (Hungarian lesson) we learnt how wecan say goodbye and good morning. Then, we wrote a poem in our language and some of us read it. The lastactivity was write in the blackboard how we can saygoodbye in our language. I would like to do more activities to learn Hungarian, like some useful words.
Between the Hungarian lesson and English lesson we hadfree time (fifteen minutes more or less) and we could eator drink something in the classroom and we heard somemusic.
After, we went to another classroom where we had theEnglish lesson. We worked in groups and we introducedourselves to the other(s) members. We did some grammarcompetitions between all groups and we could be “thegold grammar champion” or “the silver grammarchampion”. I really enjoyed it because I could improve mygrammar and I love working in groups, so it was myfavourite lesson.
Before the lunch, we went to another place to do a dramaworkshop. It was so big and we were sitting down in chairs like a circle. We played some games to meet eachother and the students for each country made a performance about a problem in our country, but I thinkwe didn't have enough time to improve our performance.
At one o'clock, more or less, we went to Ebatta to havelunch. We ate cheese cream and chicken with potatoes, too.
Then, we went to the same place that we had our drama workshop to do some activities about the book “TheCanterville Ghost” (we read it some weeks ago) and I havebeen there for one hour and a half, or two hours. And of course, it was my favourite activity in this day.
Each student went to own host. For example, I went to eatan ice-cream and then, I went with Aletta (my host) to herdance lesson, but when it finished, we went to her housebecause we were very tired.
I really enjoyed this day. Yesterday, I thought that todaywill be boring, but I was wrong.
By Cristina Ortiz Díaz.


Hello, I'm Paco Madrigal from Spain and I'm going to write a summary about the last day of the Erasmus+ project in Százhalombatta (Hungary).

We started the day at 6:30, it's too early if you are from Spain and you're of my age, we usally wake up at 7:30. I went to have breakfast and I went to the school.
I get on the car and I went from Tarnok, a little town nearby Százhalombatta. The family of my host must ipcked up to a other family, because you must go in car to the school, it's nearby but not a lot, you can't go walking. When we arrived at the school, my host, Balazs told me about the Europe day, today, we must do activities about the European Union. I went to the classroom and two guys of a company that talks about the EU, started a presentation. I learned a lot of things about Europe.
When the presentation finished, we went out of the classrooms and there were a lot of posters about the countries that participated in the Erasmus project, also there were food of Hungary (I think) it's so good.
We went out of the school, to the main square. We got free time to did all the things that we wanted. The Spanish students practised  the dance to do this night. After that we went to a other presentation about Europe of course, and after that we did activities about the countries. I was too idiot because I couldn't see a Spanish thing in the activities.
This afternoon we went to Ebatta, the restaurant that's we're going all the mornings that we stay in Százhalombatta. My host, after that, told me that we can go to play basket with the other guys of the project and maybe we also can go to the Dani's house, he's a friend of my host.
After the basket match we went to her house and ate pizza of Ebatta. The host of the people who stayed in her house told me that this is the best pizza of Százhalombatta and I know it after that. When we finished, we must go to the school party. In the party, the countries did songs or other things  about it, for example the Hungarian guys did a traditional dance and also they did activities about her country. Spain danced  a song called La Macarena 
After that we went to other classroom, inside there were a lot of Hungarian sweets and other foods.
And that it's the last summary of the week, I want to write a personal opinion of it. This project changed my form of think, also make that my English is better, a lot of knowledge about the other cultures and of course this project makes me a lot of great moments with people who I never forget they.
By Francisco Madrigal.


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