3º Intercambio de alumnos, Lituania Octubre 2016

Skuodas, Lituania
Lithuania in pictures: 
Skuodas in pictures.

Like for the rest of the week, we woke up to be faced by the last day of our incredible and long journey in a foreign house, country and highschool.

Without delay, we went to the local school to Stuart a languages’ battle between countries. There, we learnt some information about the rest of Europe and even some facts we didn’t knew yet about Spain.

After a morning full of activities we decided to rest a bit at our temporal houses from 02:00 p.m until 07:00 p.m and the school’s council prepared a special party for our departure. There were typical dances and activities of Skuodas and Lithuania, a personal discourse from the principal while we tasted some of the most traditional dishes from its land, from sweets and cakes to cheese with honey and drinks.

The ceremony finished around 09:00 p.m but we weren’t satisfied yet, so our group went to the local pub to share some drinks and spend the time playing pool. Almost every friend we made was there and we chatted for the last time, hoping we’ll meet again someday.

Afterwards, we visited a very famous youth disco, where we danced until 11:00 p.m and only after that we started to pack our suitcases again to return home. All were reunited at the same place where we arrive for the first time. Hugs and kisses were shared and given while tears feel down our cheeks due to the bittersweet farewell.

Some minutes later the van arrive at our location and only then we were obligated, because our responsibility to return home, to leave the place and say goodbye to our newest friends.

An hour passed and everything looked normal and quiet, but suddenly one of our classmates exclaimed unsettled that she forgot her passport back in Skuodas. We couldn’t stop laughing while our teachers were deadly serious because that meant that she couldn’t travel by plane. Fortunately it all ended in another anecdote from our journey. A journey we will never forget.
(Written by Cristina Valverde Rúa)

Skuodas. 19th October
Today, we got up at 6:30am and at 8:00am we were in the bus we travelled for three hours to the "Hill of crosses", there all the students were  almost lost between the crosses. Then we travelled 20 or 25 minits to "Naisiai" to watch a theatre. Eglé the queen of serpents. It was very  funny although it was a bit  difficult to understand , our Lithuanian friends helped us. After the theatre we went to "Sianliai" to a shoppimg centre where we went some shopping, ice-skating and had some lunch. We arrived on time for all the activities we wanted todo. We had good  fun  at  the skating rink .In the evening we visited , a very beautiful  city . We had time to take some lovely pictures and we could enjoy there with the  company of our school mates.
We came back by bus, once in Skuodas we went to the city center where  the fountain of the wishes is located , there you have to turn ten times and make a wish. After the visit of the city centre we came back home. 
By Irene Martín.

Skuodas. 18th October 

 We got up at 7:00 AM and had breakfast , we went to school. The first lesson at school was Chemistry , the second Art, the class was very interesting, teachers from all countries went to class with us. In this class, we were organized in groups of four, each in front of the other and we had to draw us mutually.

After that, we went to the dining room until about  13:30 PM.

Then we  got the bus and we went to a museum. In that museum we saw things about the second and the first World War, like tools, vehicles, room styles, etc. After the visit, we went again to the bus and we went to visit a giant rock. We took a picture together, next to the rock. Then we went again to the bus, and we went to a ceramic workshop. I made a ''cup'', or at least I tried. And after that, in another room, we were invited to have tea. It was homemade and with many spices. After this we took the bus again and returned to Skuodas.

After dinner, all Spanish people were at a coffee,  we were talking and drinking cola. When we finished we went to sleep.

Made by Pablo Fraile (Spain)

 Skuodas . 17th October, 
Today was the first time that we've been at school. We had a meeting all countries together at the school's hall and the school director, Gražina, greeted us with a very nice and warm welcome.

We have learnt typical lessons, like Russian, Art and Maths. Later, we 've had lunch at the lithuanian's canteen, we ate purée of potatoes and meat.

we also went to the townhall where the mayor greeted us ,too .He explained Skuodas' history and then we played a gymkana, in which we had to guess facts about the town.

At the end, the lithuanian prepared us and another greeting party at the local disco. We danced all the evening until we went home and ate pizza for dinner. 
Carmen V. Becerra.


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